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Rachel Ramsey

Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, in that order. I love NYC, photography, blogs, quesadillas and being outdoors.


ClickTale Touch Enables Retailers to Understand Consumer Behavior on Mobile Sites

There’s a very high chance that you are one of the billions of smartphone users in the world today, or maybe even one of the 85 percent of smartphone users that wouldrather give up waterthan mobile apps. The point is, mobility has become an enormous, critical part of consumers’ and businesses’ day-to-day lives. Link to Story

Bring Your Big Idea to Life with the Right Domain Name

Inspiration can hit us at the most random times – in the middle of the night, while grocery shopping or even mid-workout. If there’s one thing that technology innovations offer us today, it’s opportunity. If you have a big idea, there are an abundance of resources available to make that idea become a reality. Link to Story

Samsung Galaxy Camera Review

I’ve always been a big fan of photography, even from the days of the disposable camera. I love to capture moments and memories and share them with others. I am continually amazed as the capabilities and features of digital cameras improve every day. Over the years, I’ve gone through my fair share of digital cameras; from Kodak’s first AA battery-powered camera to my Nikon D5000 DSLR and the Olympus waterproof, shatterproof and freeze-proof camera. Link to Story

Preventing Fraud Online and in the Contact Center

The amount of information we give away online is bigger than we think it is. You may not realize it, but every time you post on Facebook, tweet on Twitter (News - Alert), sign in for online banking and register for subscriptions, you are not only enabling these companies and those who follow them with access to your information, but you’re making life easy for hackers. Link to Story

Samsung Takes on BYOD in Oscars "Unicorn Apocalypse" Commercials

Samsung Takes on BYOD in Oscars "Unicorn Apocalypse" Commercials. In between watching Adele’s Skyfall performance and Argo winning best picture of the year, you may have noticed throughout the Oscars last night a series of Samsung (News - Alert) commercials featuring the building of a “unicorn apocalypse” campaign. Link to Story

Everything You Need to Know About the iPhone 5

Any Apple announcement is highly anticipated. But the really highly anticipated event this fall has arrived at last: the unveiling of the iPhone 5. After months of rumors and speculation, we finally have facts. Missed out on the announcement 5? Here’s what you need to know. “It’s an amazing time at Apple,” said Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, at the beginning of the conference. Link to Story


Rachel Ramsey

I'm a Web Editor for TMC, a media and marketing company based in Norwalk, CT focused on technology and communications niche markets. You can find me writing about everything from data centers, IP communications and network management to customer engagement, social media and wearable technology. I love everything about social media -- it's definitely my biggest passion in the tech and communications space -- and am always looking out for the next big thing.

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Favorite quote to live by: "It's always worth asking."

I love to travel and it is almost impossible to get my attention if I'm reading a good book. I could probably browse Pinterest all day. Finishing a half Ironman is on my bucket list. I'm a big fan of BuzzFeed's contagious sharable content.

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